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Interview Podcast 63 with Emma sø

Aktualisiert: 1. Nov. 2023

1 What influenced you to become an artist?

I have always had a big interest in music and to spend a lot of time finding new music. In the beginning not very much electronic music. But in my mid-twenties I fell down that rabbit hole when I was in Mexico and went out to some different smaller places with really cool DJ’s.

2 Tell us something about your artist name?

Emma sø is just my forname plus the half of my surname. In Danish ‘sø’ is also equal to lake.

3 Where do you feel at home?

I live in Copenhagen but every time I go back to where I grew up, a vey green and quiet place in Jutland, I instantly feel calm.

4 Daydance or nightrave?

I really love both. In Denmark summer is really special because we have few months with good weather. So when it’s there the city is really buzzing with events and often it is dayparties that continues through the night.

What I like about the night is the darkness that makes it easier to just focus on the music and enter that kind of meditative state of mind.

5 Opening or closing set?

Opening sets can be really tuff because you are often going from zero people to a packed floor. But I also feel a pride in succeeding in building up the energy. That said I tried my first closing sets this summer and it was the most fun I have had behind the decks.

6 Vinyl or digital?

I am so impressed of vinyl dj’s but I go for digital myself.

7 What are semi-secret rituals and DJ-tricks you want to whistle-blow?

Not to have caffeine close to taking over the decks. At least for me it is not a good cocktail combined with being nervous.

8 If you could plan and perform a rave no matter where - which location would you choose?

We have this beautiful church called ‘Grundtvigs Kirke’ in Copenhagen. It would be difficult sound wise and permit wise of course. But the light setup and visuals that could be done there would be one for the books.

9 Please tell us about your worst experience behind the decks.

One of them was at one of those dayparties where I had an opening set. The people behind the event weren’t even ready with setting up the gear. So, I played for almost no people while gear people were running around to set up light and so on.

10 The big night was when I...

Had my first closing sets in one of the biggest venues (Werkstatt) in Copenhagen. There is a person to control the light which just gives that extra kick. And the people there were so supportive which made it one of the best nights where I could forget that self-consciousness.

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