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Interview Podcast 67 with DAN:ROS

1 What influenced you to become an artist?

Daniel:T he vibrations that are felt when listening to the music, and making all the people vibrate while dancing is an incomparable feeling.


2 Tell us something about your artist name?

Daniel: it's just my short name

3 Where do you feel at home?

Daniel: where there is good music


4 What would you call your second home?

Daniel: the dancefloor

5 Daydance or nightrave?

Daniel: Both has their own thing


6 Opening or closing set?

Daniel: I prefer to close but if the occasion warrants the beginning it is also something that I do not dislike.


7 Vinyl or digital?

Daniel: digital, but vinyl also has its charm. For me, what matters more is what you want to express in the decks.


 8 What are semi-secret rituals and DJ-tricks you want to whistle-blow?

Daniel: Go relaxed and enjoy the moment, and of course, bring the tracks that best resonate with you.


9 If you could plan and perform a rave no matter where - which location would you choose?

Daniel: on a volcano with a jungle it would be something surreal


10 Please tell us about your worst experience behind the decks.

Daniel: That the rain cuts off the light and the sound turns off, it's something you can do something about haha


11 The big night was when I...

Daniel: making everything connect and flow as it should in the company of music

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